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Direct Pipe Practical Technology

Direct Pipe® is a highly practical technology and pipeline installation method, not only regarding short term timeline and budget, but long term quality and product satisfaction. During installation a method such as Direct Pipe® can deal with multiple problems that an approach such as microtunneling and pipe-jacking cannot. In a situation where the ground being...
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Learn about Direct Pipe®

Direct Pipe® is an innovative, one step pipeline installation system that allows borehole excavation and pipeline (steel or polyethylene) installation to take place at the same time. Two technologies were combined to create what is Direct Pipe®; remotely controlled microtunneling technology (a microtunnel boring machine or MTBM) with Horizontal Directional Drilling technology. Compared to alternative methods, Direct Pipe® is...
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Calgary Tunnelling takes delivery of DIRECT PIPE® Machine

[caption id="attachment_2737" align="alignright" width="358"]DP Machine DP Machine[/caption] Calgary Tunnelling (“CT”), a subsidiary of Enterprise Group, Inc. has taken delivery of the Direct Pipe® System (“Direct Pipe”), one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly tunnelling systems in the world. Direct Pipe,manufactured by Herrenknecht of Germany, is a...
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Horizontal Augering and The Future of Trenchless Technology

As Canadian cities become more and more densely populated both in population and infrastructure, Trenchless Technology paves the way for future underground infrastructure, development and repair. The Trenchless Tech industry is making yearly advances in methodology and technology, that aims to improve and reduce costs of traditional methods. Calgary Tunnelling aims to be on forefront...
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