Direct Pipe Practical Technology

Direct Pipe® is a highly practical technology and pipeline installation method, not only regarding short term timeline and budget, but long term quality and product satisfaction. During installation a method such as Direct Pipe® can deal with multiple problems that an approach such as microtunneling and pipe-jacking cannot. In a situation where the ground being excavated is rocky, many methods are ineffective due to the risk of damaging equipment and pipeline, but with DirectPipe’s® unique technology, prefabricated pipeline can be installed quickly, efficiently and easily in bouldered, rocky terrains with minimal damage to equipment, and ability to continue work on the project if an unexpected obstruction is approached. In a situation where a large rock is reached work comes to a halt and money is lost in both time and equipment. Direct Pipe® solves this problem with its unique cutterhead which has the ability to break through rocky soil removing the need for expensive excavation. By utilizing Direct Pipe® projects can be completed at the highest standard of excellence and quality with ease.