Q?What is Pipe Hammering

Pipe Hammering installation has the benefit of being pushed directing into the ground leaving the soil undisturbed. This negates the risk of settlement that can lead to structural problems later.

Installation is achieved by hammering a steel pipe through the ground. After the hammer shot is successfully completed the spoil is removed.

Calgary Tunnelling uses pipe hammer when ground conditions make Augering difficult (Pit Run, Cobble, Wet Sand, and river crossings).

Pipe Hammering is ideal for installing conductor barrels for directional drilling rigs.

Q?What is Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking is used to install large diameter pipe directly into the ground. The tunnel can be excavated using a variety of methods such as hand mining or a tunnel boring machine. We have successfully installed pipe ranging from 36″ to 100″, as well as 120″ square line.

Q?What is Horizontal Augering

A rotary drill, usually powered by a gasoline engine, for making horizontal holes. This type of service has many applications from mining, highway construction powerlines etc.