Health, Safety and the Environment

Health, Safety and the Environment

At Calgary Tunnelling and Horizontal Augering, we are firmly committed to meeting and exceeding existing standards of safety, health, and environmental stewardship. Under the guidance of our HSE Officer, Jeff Corsie, we seek to ensure that personnel associated with any of our projects have the knowledge, training, and tools to complete the job in a manner which safeguards them and their fellow workers.

Calgary Tunnelling and Horizontal Augering maintains Certificates of Recognition (COR) through both the Alberta and Saskatchewan Government Partnership in Injury Reduction, and will soon add Manitoba as well.

Under the guidance of Jeff Corsie, the Company has developed a dedicated Safety Policy and Safety Manual. Jeff is the holder of an NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) Certificate, and is also a Peer Auditor, Trainer, and Workplace Mentor for the Company. On the training side,  Jeff seeks to ensure that every employee gets as many training courses as possible.

Among these courses are: First Aid, Confined Space, WHMIS, CSTS, Rigging, Ground Disturbance,  TDG, H2S Alive,OSSA, and others.

By definition, trenchless tunneling is an environmentally superior method of burying infrastructure. By reducing, or eliminating surface disturbance, we at Calgary Tunnelling dramatically lower the environmental footprint of our projects. Our continuing efforts to meet or exceed environmental guidelines and best practices in our theater of operations will continue to show our sincere commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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