Horizontal Augering and The Future of Trenchless Technology

As Canadian cities become more and more densely populated both in population and infrastructure, Trenchless Technology paves the way for future underground infrastructure, development and repair. The Trenchless Tech industry is making yearly advances in methodology and technology, that aims to improve and reduce costs of traditional methods. Calgary Tunnelling aims to be on forefront of innovation and implementation of these new technologies to deliver these services with a high level of safety and professionalism.

Custom Built Augering Machine

Custom Built Horizontal Augering Machine

Calgary Tunnelling has made multiple innovations in its services and equipment; having custom built one of the largest Horizontal Augering machines in North America; They have skillfully determined the maximum pipe diameter and the maximum length these types of machines can handle.


Dirt Removal System

Dirt Removal System

Minimal environmental disturbance remains a top priority for the team at Calgary Tunnelling. By working with engineers and operators, they have found unique methods to reduce the environmental impact and land disturbance.

Being a highly specialized supplier of these type of services, gives Calgary Tunnelling the ability to adapt quickly to challenging terrain. Depending on the situation  the Horizontal Augering machines will be equipped with special drill bits, which make cutting through the earth and easy task. These drill bits enable these machines to cut through rock and shale.

Calgary Tunnelling is led by industry veterans and prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of safety in the industry.