Horizontal Augering

Horizontal Augering

Horizontal Augering is a steerable, trenchless method which uses a small excavation to install a variety of pipes ,conduits and cables underground. From utility installation to fluid movement to flood abatement, this method is used to minimize traffic disruption, ground disturbance, and environmental impact. This is extremely important in areas of high population density, existing utility installations, and sensitive environmental areas. There is minimal disruption or displacement of soil, and the procedure has the added advantage of requiring little or no restoration after-the-fact.

In simplest terms, the Augering process involves the following steps:

After securing the necessary environmental and permitting requirements, and ensuring jobsite safety, work pits are constructed at the entry and exit sites adjacent to the area to be bored. An Auger boring machine mounted on rails is set into the pit.  A cutter head is mounted to helically wound augers and runs through the encasement pipe.  AS the Boring Machine advances the soil travels through the augers and is expelled in the entry pit.  Once the casing has been installed, the machine is retracted down the track and the next casing lowered.  The augers are connected and the next casing is welded to the previously advanced casing.  This process is repeated until the desired  length has been achieved.  The augers are removed from the casing into the entry pit and the casing is clean and ready to use

The following are considered standard sizes for casing installation by auger boring.  12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”

Generally;     Diameters 12” to 18” are limited to runs of 100 meters depending on the soil conditions.

Diameters 20” to 48” are limited to 150 meters depending on the soil conditions.

Diameters 54” to 72” are limited to 100 meters depending on the soil conditions.

For larger diameter crossings exceeding 100 meters, Pipe Jacking (Tunnel Boring) is used as an alternative method


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