Learn about Direct Pipe®

Direct Pipe® is an innovative, one step pipeline installation system that allows borehole excavation and pipeline (steel or polyethylene) installation to take place at the same time. Two technologies were combined to create what is Direct Pipe®; remotely controlled microtunneling technology (a microtunnel boring machine or MTBM) with Horizontal Directional Drilling technology. Compared to alternative methods, Direct Pipe® is extremely efficient, enabling development to take place in multiple ground conditions including water permeable, soft and heterogeneous soil. Direct Pipe® also allows for articulate control during installation on upward and downward slopes. This technology minimizes the risks of drill hole collapse and other geological risks while providing extremely fast installation speeds requiring space only on the launch side. Because installation only requires one launch side and very little site-infrastructure surface it is the ideal installation system for residential areas. Compared to HDD, MTBM and Easy Pipe, Direct Pipe® provides the one step edge over previous technologies while combining proven age-old techniques for a time and space conscious process.