Calgary International Airport

Calgary Tunnelling and Horizontal Augering Ltd. was hired by Volker Stevin to perform the service of Pipe Jacking and Tunnell Boring using a Tunnell Boring Machine.

Pipe Jacking is used to install large diameter pipe directly into the ground using a variety of methods such as hand mining or a tunnel boring machine. Calgary Tunnelling can install pipe ranging from 36” to 100” using this method.

Tunnell Boring Machines are used to excavate tunnels through a verity of different geologies. They can be used to bore through hard rock, sand and anything in between. A Tunnel Boring Machine has the advantages of not disturbing surrounding soil and earth. This negates risk of soil settlement, and makes it suitable to use in a well-populated area.

This job was completed without incident and with a limited impact on the environment and surrounding area.