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Horizontal Augering

Horizontal auger boring is a steerable, trenchless method which uses a surface rig to install a variety of pipes ,conduits and cables underground.
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Guided Boring

The Guided Boring System installs small diameter pipe on line and grade with precision. The System uses video monitoring of an illuminated target via a theodolite.
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Tunnel Boring

Tunnel boring machines are used to excavate tunnels through a variety of different geologies. They can be used to bore through hard rock or sand or almost anything in between.
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Pipe Bursting

Many underground utility lines have become old and require replacement. A substantial amount of the underground lines have been in place for decades.
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Pipe Jacking

Pipe Jacking is primarily used to install large diameter concrete pipe directly into the ground. The tunnel can be excavated using a variety of methods such as hand mining or a tunnel boring machine.
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Pipe Ramming

This method of installation is achieved by hammering a steel pipe through the ground. After the hammer shot is successfully completed the spoil is removed entirely.
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Company History

Incorporated in 1984, Calgary Tunnelling started out as a small augering company, supplying to a specialized local small market.

Since then the company has expanded alongside the fast growing regional development. Currently Calgary Tunnelling will complete over one hundred contracts yearly.

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